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Polarized radiative transfer models

If your model should be included in this table, please send all required information to Claudia Emde.

Name Group /Institute Method Model geometry Availability
MYSTIC LMU Munich Monte Carlo 1D/3D plane-parallel/spherical 1D version available at, 3D restricted, contact Claudia Emde
SCIATRAN IUP Bremen Discrete Ordinate 1D plane-parallel/spherical freely available, registration required
SOSVRT Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing successive order of scattering 1D plane-parallel not yet released to public, contact Duan Minzheng
3DMCPOL Uni Lille Monte Carlo 3D plane-parallel not yet released to the public, contact Céline Cornet
SHDOM Uni Colorado spherical harmonics discrete ordinate 3D plane-parallel freely available, contact Frank Evans
IPOLUSRA GESTAR Discrete Ordinate 1D plane-parallelfreely available, contact Sergey Korkin
MSCART Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology China Monte Carlo 1D/3D plane-parallel freely available, registration required, contact Zhen Wang
SPARTA TROPOS, Leipzig, Germany Monte Carlo 3D plane-parallel freely available, contact Vasileios Barlakas

Other tools

  • Anapol: An interactive tool to analyze the TOA polarized reflectance measured by Parasol developed by F.-M. Bréon.
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