ACTRIS National Facility - Ground supersite for cloud and aerosol remote sensing

Aim of the work package is the development of an infrastructure for aerosol and cloud remote sensing according to ACTRIS specifications. On one hand, this will be the set up of continuous measurement with an automatic multi-wavelength high-power lidar for measuring vertical profiles of the atmospheric aerosol (3 channels and Raman channels, linear depolarization). It will be developed and put into operation as part of the AHL-LMU. On the other hand, the extension of the existing Cloudnet remote sensing station into an ACTRIS Supersite is planned. An existing cloud observation station (Cloudnet station, cloud radar 35 GHz/ Ka-band, microwave radiometer, ceilometer) should be extended to host multi-frequency radar measurements with additional cloud radars at 10 GHz and 94 GHz (X and W band). Development of automated operation and quality assurance of the overall system is foreseen.

Instruments and measurements

Contact: Stefan Kneifel