ACTRIS-CARS-AHL-LMU — Advanced High-power aerosol Lidars

The mission of the Centre for Aerosol Remote Sensing (CARS) unit Advanced High-power aerosol Lidars (AHL) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) is to offer - in cooperation with the AHL units in Magurele/Romania (INOE) and in Potenza/Italy (CNR) - operation support to ACTRIS National Facilities and ACTRIS users operating Advanced High-power aerosol Lidars. At the LMU we develop procedures and tools for the QA/QC of the lidar systems, perform remote analysis and on-site audits of the lidars as well as direct inter-comparisons with our reference lidar POLIS. Furthermore, we support our partner units in training and consultancy tasks.


  • POrtable LIdar System (POLIS)
  • Development of automatic multi-wavelength high-power lidar (planned)