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libRadtran to-do-list

  • include option cloud_top_height for solver tzs
  • generate new ice cloud optical properties from new Yang data
  • include Raman scattering in MYSTIC
  • ghm - ic.ghm.sol.cdf does not work because version was included as string instead of integer, should be included when new version optprop_data is released
  • finish implementation of box-airmass factors, documentation, validation against results by J. Wagner
  • include other options for polarized surface reflection (Land, ocean surface as used at SRON)
  • include information about size distributions (Mie) in user's guide


  • calculate optical properties files for Fu and Kato wavelengths and refractive indices (band averaged)


  • recalculated wc optical properties with 3 digits angular grid optimization
  • included Earth radius as option for MYSTIC — Claudia 2009/11/19 19:31
  • Droxtal a la Key - calculate g1, g2, f for Double-HG (according to Bernhard not required for contrail forcing calculations, only for radiances. For this we will include the proper phase matrices.) — Claudia 2009/11/19 19:36
  • new parameterization of optical properties based on Yang-Hong data
  • extend optical properties tables by effective variance dimension? done by profile option
  • average over size distribution in uvspec? done by profile option
  • removed baum_hufit
  • removed ic_mie
  • Fixed polarized ocean reflection after clarification with Mishchenko (transpose of reflection matrix and replace phi by -phi because of different azimuth conventions used by Mishchenko and in MYSTIC).
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