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Bugs bugs bugs

  • output_sum works with LOWTRAN. Should probably not ???

Bug fixes

  • when mystic runs with correlated-k and zout 100, the mc.100.??? files are not written - this was not a bug but a feature, because one does not do a monochromatic calculation when correlated_k is enabled. Results are in *.spc, standard deviation has not yet been included for *.spc files
  • Check whether specified optical properties are for polarized calculations if mc_polarisation is set. Done — Claudia 2009/12/23 17:00.
  • when rayleigh_depol is set it is included in the calculation of the cross sections and the calculation of the phase matrix, so depolarization is included twice → this is not a bug!! It has to be applied to cross sections and phase matrix ! — Claudia 2010/08/04 15:31
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