Project members

Name Institution Link
Markus Rapp (PI) LMU-MIM Homepage
Martin Weissmann LMU-MIM Homepage
Alexander Geiß LMU-MIM
Anne Martin LMU-MIM
Volker Freudenthaler LMU-MIM Homepage
Ulla Wandinger TROPOS Homepage
Holger Baars TROPOS Homepage
Albert Ansmann TROPOS Homepage
Joahnnes Bühl TROPOS Homepage
Ronny Engelmann TROPOS Homepage
Volker Lehmann DWD
Alexander Cress DWD
Oliver Reitebuch DLR Homepage

Project goals

Validation and calibration of Aeolus products

  • L1B
  • L2A - Aerosol product: particle backscatter coefficient, particle extinction coefficient and lidar ratio
  • L2B - Wind product: horizontal line of sight (HLOS) measurements, scene classification (clouds, aerosol, clear atmosphere) for improving wind observations

Determination of systematic and random errors as well as estimating representativeness errors of the L2B and L2A product using weather models and independent observations of:

  • Radiosondes
  • Wind and aerosol lidar
  • Radar-windprofiler
  • Sun photometer