Master seminar 2021... "Arctic Amplification: Theory, Model, Observation"

Contact — Tobias Zinner

Monday, October 4, B101 and Zoom

9:30 Short introduction by Thomas Birner and Tobias Zinner

9:40 - Tatsiana Bardachova

10:30 - Marco Sirbescu

Cloud/aerosol observations

11:20 - Lea Volkmer

13:30 - Alma Ubele

14:20 - Anna Götz

Tuesday, October 5, B101 and Zoom

Modelling and mid-latitude impacts

9:30 - Christian Sackrenz

10:20 - Michael Löbbecke

11:10 - Max Sesselmann

13:30 - Sandro Damato

  • Blackport and Screen (2020), Insignificant effect of Arctic amplification on the amplitude of midlatitude atmospheric waves,
  • Coumou, Capua et al. (2018), The influence of Arctic amplification on mid-latitude summer circulation, Nat. Commun. (Advisor: Thomas Birner)

14:20 - Pablo Conrat

General Requirements

  • each talk is based on 2 publications
  • 30 min presentation, 10-15 minutes discussion
  • Language: English or Deutsch
  • each student has to attend all presentations
  • each student should at least ask one question in the discussion of each presentation
  • The talk should include some introductory general material on the topic, the main new outcomes presented in the given publication and details on one aspect or method of analysis and/or contradicting/controversial opinions.

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