Dr. Peter Koepke

German manner of writing „Koepke“ is „Köpke“. In publications both versions are used, due to historic reasons. However: Peter Koepke, Munich, is identical with Peter Köpke, München

Academic Education

Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) from the University of Munich
Thesis: Determination of atmospheric turbiity by geostationary satellite (in German)
Study of Physics at Goettingen (B.S. (Vordiplom)) and Munich (M. S. (Dipl. Phys.))
Diploma Thesis: Modulation transfer function of the human eye (in German)


  • Measurement of water vapor absorption
  • Aerosol optical depth from radiances measured by geostationary satellite
  • Vicarious calibration of satellite, both in solar and terrestrial spectral range
  • Atmospheric masking
  • Radiative transfer modelling over rough water surfaces
  • Albedo of oceanic whitecaps
  • Modelling of anisotropic land surfaces, anisotropy conversion factors
  • Determination of surface albedo from satellite
  • Radiative properties of aerosol particles
  • Aerosol climatology
  • Climatic effects of aerosol
  • Solar power plants (energy balance)
  • Fog statistics (parameterization of distribution)
  • UV measurements
  • UV modelling

Meteorologisches Institut
Theresienstr. 37
80333 München

Telefon: +49 (0)89 2180 4367
Telefax: +49 (0)89 28 05 508
Email: Peter Koepke

Current Research

Other Areas of Interest

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