Useful Information to Prepare Campaigns

Trailer dimensions and space requirements

In principle, our lidar can be easily operated at almost any place which fulfils some basic conditions. In that case, the lidar is ready to use within a few hours. Anyhow, to prepare an experiment at a foreign institute or an remote area, it is useful to consider the following information - this would significantly facilitate the measurements.

The trailer is air conditioned, and thus the lidar can work from about -20°C (to be tested) to +40°C (tested) environmental air temperature in the vertical mode, and from about -5°C to +40°C (both tested) in the scanning mode. The lidar worked successfully inside the trailer on a ship during ACE2 for five weeks.


Trailer: front side (left) Trailer: back side (right) Trailer: top view

Technical Drawing:

Dimensions: Top view Dimensions: Side view Dimensions: Back and front view

Further Comments:


It is possible - although not tested - to carry gasoline generators with the lidar for independent power supply. We need:

Cables and Connectors

We currently have prepared these power cables and connectors:

more cables are available if neccessary

Measured power consumption

We sometimes encountered a voltage drop over long or weak mains connections due to the high pulse current which recharges the laser power supply capacitors. This troubled the laser power supply, which stopped working. Therefore 3 phase 32A connctions are preferable.

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