Development of a Portable Aerosol-Lidar

To become even more flexible (concerning experiments) a portable lidar was developed. It is called POLIS. This activity was done in the framework of the GTCO.

The concept study began in late 2000 as a joint project of the GTCO and the lidar group of the Meteorological Institute. As a conclusion of this study - due to the very strict requirements concerning aerosol detection in the whole troposphere - the optical system was completely developed by ourselves, because no commercial systems could fulfill our specifications. The design of the lidar allows groundbased and aircraft operation. First field experiments were conducted in July 2002.

Developments for Lidar Quality Assurance

A major problem in running a lidar system is the precise characterization of the system. Only if all components are specified and their accuracy is known, high quality measurements can be performed. For testing the performance of the lidar, several subsystems have been developed in our group.