Planetary Boundary Layer

This is an example of lidar measurements of a clearly structured planetary boundary layer (PBL). Measurements were made in the morning of July 29, 1999 between 0900 and 1030 GMT from the roof of our institute. Fig. 1 shows the color-coded range corrected signal (@ 1064 nm) which gives a good approximation of the different layers. The temporal development including the dissipation of the uppermost layer is clearly seen. Furthermore, the intensification of the lower layer and the on-set of condensation with cloud formation after 1010 GMT is observed.

Figure 1
Fig. 1

In Fig. 2 showns the same situation as the previous figure, but the wavelength is 532 nm. The aerosol layers are not as pronounced as before, because the attenuation of the atmosphere is stronger (extinction increases with decreasing wavelength).

Figure 2 Fig. 2