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Curriculum Vitae

  • Mainz
    Student of Meteorology at University of Mainz
    Thesis on remote sensing of water vapor by sun photometry (1980)

  • Köln
    Research Scientist at University of Cologne
    PhD on the retrieval of the radiation budget over the Saharan Desert using NIMBUS 7 ERB data considering spectral, temporal, angular and spatial sampling (1985)

  • München
    Senior Scientist at University of Munich, since 1994 head of "lidar group"

    • Research
      • Active aerosol remote sensing: Elaboration of a scientific concept for a mobile scanning lidar for aerosol remote sensing, fighting for funding (finally successful in 1993), co-ordination of measurement campaigns, and development of data evaluation schemes.
        Several investigations on the usefulness of a spaceborne lidar for meteorology and climatology (ALEXIS, ATLID, EarthCARE), including studies on the role of multiple scattering.
        Assessment of the usefulness of ceilometers for aerosol remote sensing.

        Principal investigator in the framework of the international programs EARLINET, AMMA, SAMUM, and ACTRIS.

      • Passive aerosol remote sensing: Inversion of sun- and sky radiances measured by Cimel (AERONET) and SSARA photometers.
        Synergy with lidar remote sensing.
      • Scattering theory: Assessment of influence of non-spherical particles, potential of polarization measurements

    • Teaching
      • Supervision of more than 40 theses (diploma, master, bachelor) and PhD-studies on remote sensing, with focus on lidar related topics.
      • Lectures on radiative transfer and (lidar) remote sensing.
      • International training for "Early Stage Researchers" in the framework of the ITN Vertigo.

    • Management
      • Acquisition, management and supervision of about 30 research grants (about 3 M€)

    • Publications
      • publications in peer-reviewed journals, see Publons (Web of Science), and about 150 conference proceedings (W-Index=54).
      • Reviewer for the following journals:
        Applied Optics, Atmosphere, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Atmospheric Environment, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, Atmospheric Research, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, Geophysical Research Letters, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, Optics Express, Optics Letters, Remote Sensing, Science of the Total Environment.

    • Membership

    To Webcam: See me working...   Now!


  • President and vice-president of the Bavarian branch of PRO BAHN, the association of passengers of public transportation
  • Webmaster of the domain ""
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the "Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft"
  • Several publications on public transport, rail passenger issues and icelandic stamps
  • First author of the book on "125 years railroad link from Weilheim to Murnau"

  • Can pronounce "Eyjafjallajökull"
  • Climbed (long ago) Alpe d'Huez by bicycle (42:24)
  • Winner of the Bundesliga-Tipp (Küstenforscher) in 2008 and 2014.

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