Kirstin Kober

Vorlesungen und Übungen

  • Übungen zu Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics (WS 2010/11 und WS 2011/12)
  • Übungen zu Atmosphärischer Dynamik I (SS 2012 und SS 2013)
  • Übungen zu Atmosphärischer Dynamik II (WS 2012/13 und WS 2015/16)

Aktuelle Forschung

  • SFB/TR 165 Waves to Weather (projects A5, A6, C7)
  • Stochastic boundary layer parameterization (ADENS)
  • Upscale error growth
  • Verification of ensemble forecasts
  • Seamless blending in different weather regimes


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J.-I. Yano, M. Vlad, S.H. Derbyshire, J.-F. Geleyn, K. Kober (2014): Generalization, Consistency, and Unification in the Parameterization Problem, BAMS: 95, 619–622. doi: 10.1175/BAMS- D-13-00123.1.

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Gerz, T., F. Holzäpfel, W. Gerling, A. Scharnweber, M. Frech, K. Kober, S. Rahm (2009): The Wake Vortex Prediction and Monitoring System WSVBS Part II: Performance and ATC Integration at Frankfurt Airport. Air Traffic Control Quarterly. 17, 323-347.

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