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tobias.selz [Investigation of tropical predictability in simulations using a stochastic convection scheme]
Zeile 67: Zeile 67:
 Contact: Robert Redl Contact: Robert Redl
 +==== Investigation of tropical predictability in simulations using a stochastic convection scheme====
 +In a series of model experiments (ICON) a stochastic convection scheme has been used to investigate the limits of atmospheric predictability that originate from the fast error growth that happens in moist convection and the spreading of this error upscale. However, although global simulations were performed this analysis has been restricted to the midlatitudes.
 +The main idea behind this master thesis is to first re-apply the diagnostics that were used before to the tropics in addition with a basic evaluation of model performance and biases. In a second step diagnostics and phenomena that are specific to the tropics (eg. Kelvin waves, MJO) should be considered and their role in the error growth process could be investigated.
 +This project requires interest in dynamical meteorology and modeling as well as a substantial amount of data analysis using python.
 +Further reading:\\
 +Selz, 2019: Estimating the intrinsic limit of predictability using a stochastic convection scheme. (dataset description,​ midlatitude analysis)\\
 +Judth, 2020: Atmospheric Predictability of the Tropics, Middle Latitudes, and Polar Regions Explored through Global Storm-Resolving Simulations (Investigation of tropical predictability with a high-res model)
 +Contact: Tobias Selz or George Craig
 \\ \\