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 +=====Stochastic Parametrization=====
 +**Using the Plant-Craig stochastic convective parameterization in an
 +ensemble forecast system**
 +We have implemented the Plant-Craig (PC) stochastic convection scheme
 +into the limited-area COSMO (Consortium
 +for Small-scale Modeling) model. We have run the model with initial
 +and boundary conditions provided
 +by selected members of the ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System (EPS).
 +This allows us to compare how much
 +ensemble spread is introduced to the ensemble by the stochastic scheme
 +relative to that already present.
 +A stochastic parameterization,​ like the PC-scheme, takes into account
 +the fact that the intensity of unresolved
 +convection is not merely determined by resolved-scale parameters, but
 +also by unresolved physics. To this
 +aim, the PC-scheme, being based on statistical physics, uses
 +convective plumes that are randomly drawn from a
 +probability density function that describe the chance of launching a
 +plume with a certain mass flux each time the
 +scheme is called.